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Projects are a means for professors to assess their students knowledge of a specific topic covered within one of their lessons or courses.

1. Creating projects

2. Completing projects

Creating projects

Professors can create various projects within their lessons and assign them to either all or target them to certain students. While creating, each project can be defined with a title, a description of the topic and a project completion deadline date.

Current projects are placed under the active tab and expired projects are moved to the inactive projects tab. The project's details may be modified at any time thus deadlines can be extended or specifications on the subject can be given.


Completing projects

Users invited to take part or complete a project will have a link on their dashboard, under projects. All projects from any lesson will be listed here.


Users must upload their answers as a file, shown below, which can be uploaded as many times as they want before the project deadline. Depending on the project's criteria, when there are more than one uploaded answer files per user, Smartlearning will use the most recently submitted file for evaluation. Students can also post comments through the projects page, visible to the professors who can reply back.


The professor can then download these answer files either one-by-one or all together, by clicking on the corresponding icon on the projects' list. This gathers all the files into a zip file and downloads it. After evaluating the answers, the professor can write comments using the "score" link next to the relevant project, shown above. Comments made by the students also appear in this column, and by clicking on the pencil next to each comment we can view all the comments. The professor can enter a grade and add any comments, shown below, which the user will see on his page.


In order to see the comments history or delete his comments the professor has to click on the pencil button:


Whenever there is a new comment posted, both professors and students are notified through the projects box:


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